Press Play On tape Podcast Episode 14- Hitting The Reset Button


As the weather in the southern hemisphere gets cooler, the Press Play On Tape podcast heats things up with three hosts and one very special guest! In this episode, we welcome Aaron Clement as our co-host and we sit down to have a chat with the C64-centric Reset magazine editor extraordinaire, Kevin Tilley (aka: Unkle K). We probe Unkle K about all things Reset – how the magazine came to be, its evolution, highlights, lowlights and any sneaky inside information on the upcoming issue. For the publisher of choice, Unkle K chose Hewson Consultants, which had no shortage of classic video games! We hit the social media channels to read our your fave Hewson published games and we even have time for shout outs. Daz and Aaron also get to speak to Paul Bridger the director and producer of the new documentary The Amiga Works - Alister Brimble. Get the inside information on how he produced and self funded his first feature documentary.  So you better listen in! Stay away from the reset button and press play on tape now!

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