Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 17- The Commodore is still keeping up with you


As Commodore 64 month draws to a close, episode 17 of Press Play on Tape rolls in to prove that the Commodore is still keeping up with you! 

Hosts Alex and Aaron are joined by Ant Stiller and Hellfire64’s Rob Caporetto on a roundtable discussion on everyone’s favourite 34 year old bread bin. The group discusses what makes the system special to them, how they’ve been celebrating C64 month, and if there’s anything they’d ever do to change the system. There is also a look at some of the brand new releases that have caught their eye in recent times, and a few of the upcoming titles on the horizon.

The audience were challenged to tell us what game defined the Commodore 64 for them. The lads definitely weren’t ready for the overwhelming response - definitely proving that people are still keeping up with the Commodore!

If you’d like to see Rob in action, he posts weekly game reviews, previews and hardware videos on his YouTube channel -

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