Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 15- The House that Melbourne Built


The three Press Play On Tape horsemen ride into town and head straight to the house that Melbourne built. There they meet the great, Cameron “Gazunta” Davis!
As they are lead on a tour of this Melbourne House, Cam delves into his gaming past and absolutely blows away the horsemen with stories of making C64 games at age 8, badgering a TV Week editor to become a games reviewer, then the time he tested games for a living and becoming a Games Designer! Cam’s story doesn’t end there as he reveals his comic artist genius, his many published works, becoming a TV personality and finally his pièce de résistance, being the editor of the very last issue (#107) of legendary magazine, Zzap!64!
If that wasn’t enough, Cameron provides a comprehensive bio on this month’s publisher of choice, yep you guessed it, Melbourne House! Stop fiddling with the controls and press play now!

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