Feb 14, 2016

Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 11- Acorn

Insert tape, rewind to start, press play and listen to our special guest, Rob Caporetto, give a master class in all things Acorn and the BBC Micro! Listen carefully, as we assure you that you’ll learn something new – we definitely did! The honor of selecting the publisher of choice went to our special guest, with Rob opting for a left-field publisher Synapse Software. After much deliberation about this obscure software house, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Synapse created a fair number of games that we actually enjoyed playing on our beloved 8-bit micros, and it seems you agreed with us by giving us your top Synapse games in our social media discussion. Listen to episode 11 now, we guarantee your ears will thank you!

Outro track for this episode: Spellbinder - The Weevil Remix 
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Jan 20, 2016

Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 10- We Love C64

As another year rolls around, the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE lads kick off the new year by gushing over their beloved Commodore 64. The lads are joined by none other than Mr. Mark Cassar (from Retro Domination and +3 Geekdom fame) in their C64 love-in. Alex starts off by giving us a crash course on the history of the C64, followed up by the best C64 games, which would not be a surprise to anyone listening. The audience participation was huge on Twitter, while Facebook languished with only a solitary response! Daz dropped a bombshell by opting for US Gold as the publisher of choice for the first episode of 2016. So, Slip on a shirt, Slop on the sunscreen, Slap on a hat and whack in the headphones and tune in for the first PRESS PLAY ON TAPE podcast for 2016!


Dec 16, 2015

Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 09- Xmas Shenanigans

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! It's just Daz and Alex for the final episode of Press Play On Tape for 2015 - it's so strange that it's just them two! Before there is any sitting on Santa’s knee and looking into his big red sack, the lads get all misty-eyed in their reflection of the year that was and then get excited about the year that will be. Alex gets excited about a few Kickstarters coming to fruition, while Daz gets excited about the unknown!

Press play on tape one final time for 2015 to hear the lads reminisce about their favourite old Xmas magazine issues and what they wish Santa will leave under the Christmas tree for them. Oh yeh, they even ask the audience what they wish Santa will bring them this Christmas! So be merry, stay safe and enjoy!

Xmas Music used on podcast by Aaron White

Nov 17, 2015

Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 08- C64 Back to the future

When Marty and Doc visited Oct 21 2015, they failed to tell us that the venerable Commodore 64 was still going strong, even after 33 years after its release. In episode 8 of Press Play on Tape, Daz and Alex welcome the time traveler, Mr Ant Stiller, who will finally set on the very rosy future of the C64. Once we hit 88MPH, we’ll discover games, magazines, music, demos, hardware and all other shades of homebrew awesomeness that the C64 still receives, after many of its contemporaries had been left in its dust!

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Oct 15, 2015

Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 07- Genrebusters

The Press Play on Tape (PPOT) lads are back again, and this time they have taken one prisoner, Mr Mark Cassar from Retro Domination and +3 To Geekdom fame! Mark gives an insight into his gaming past, while Alex goes gaga over Mark’s love of arcade games and loathness of Zelda. The PPOT crew and special guest discuss their favourite gaming genres on 8 and 16-bit systems, with Daz delighting all with genrebusting games you may have not heard of or played before. As per usual, the publisher of choice segment was another animated discussion, this time, the honour of choosing the publisher was given to Mark – no, it wasn’t Capcom, Mark chose the hit maker, System 3. With lots of games to choose from, there was no shortage of classics on offer, with IK+ and Last Ninja (among others) getting the bulk of the votes. So rewind the tape, press play and kick back to another classic PPOT podcast!

Outro track by Aaron White. Flimbos Quest

Sep 15, 2015

Press Play On Tape Podcast Ep 06-Ultimate Chiptunes

It's that time of month when Daz and Alex get together and wreak havoc on the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE podcast. This time around the lads chat about holidaying in North America and chiptunes - everything from the C64's SID chip and the Spectrum's Beeper, to the Atari POKEY and everything in between, they leave no chips unturned! 
After last month's debacle with the publisher of choice, Alex wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. For this podcast, Alex chose to go with Microprose - the publisher of serious games. As per usual, the boys hit the social media boards to read out your favourite chiptunes and MIcroprose games. So settle in that cosy chair, turn up the volume and enjoy! 


Aug 7, 2015

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE Episode 05 - A Master Class in MSX

If your knowledge of MSX is a bit sketchy, then you must listen to episode 5 of the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE podcast! Our special guest, Tony Cruise (Electric Adventures), gives us (and all of you guys) a master class in MSX – things that you wouldn’t have otherwise known or been able to find easily on the net! The publisher of choice was Konami, chosen by Daz. Daz gave special instructions to Alex Boz to ask the community about their favourite Konami games, but alas, Alex gave everyone a bum steer! Listen to episode 5 now, we guarantee you will learn something new!


Jul 6, 2015

Press Play on Tape Podcast Episode 04 - Color Clash

As the weather gets cooler, the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE dudes, Alex and Daz rug up and settle in with a hot cuppa and invite Andy Godoy (UK podcaster of the Retro Gaming Daily Show Podcast) to talk about Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum. The gushing for the rainbow striped black beauty is overwhelming, as we reminisce about the 8-bit British powerhouse and reflect on the many games, good and bad. Andy tells us about the magazines that all Speccy owners couldn’t go without, and he even reflects on the schoolyard arguments of which micro was better as the 8-bit war intensified on those British school grounds! Alex flip-flops with his publisher of choice, settling for the Darling’s Codemasters! Settle in and take a listen, your ears will thank you for it.


Jun 10, 2015

Press Play on Tape Podcast Episode 03 - Sugar Daddy

The micro computing schoolyard stoush has become a threesome! Wedged between Sir Clive’s ZX Speccy and Commodore’s venerable C64 , we discuss Lord Sugar Daddy’s AMSTRAD Colour Personal Computer (CPC), with special guest and Amstrad subject matter expert, Paul Monopoli from Retrospekt The Amstrad love-in covers the exceptionally good, the pretty good, the bad and the downright ugly of Amstrad’s computer line and games. We also unveil Jeremy Clarkson’s brief involvement in Amstrad publications and talk about our favourite and not-so-favourite Firebird published games. As Lord Sugar once famously said, “Fair? The only fair you’re gonna get is your bloody train fare home. Listen to this Press Play on Tape podcast now or you’re fired!”.


May 13, 2015

Press Play on Tape Podcast Episode 02 - 16 Bit Clash

Back in the late 80s, there was a 16-bit computing war waging across every schoolyard known to man - you were either in the Amiga corner or the Atari's ST corner. In episode two of PRESS PLAY ON TAPE, hosts Daz & Alex, together with special guest, Matt Cawley, go toe to toe on which computer was best. It's Amiga vs ST - a battle for the ages! As nostalgic 16-bit blows are traded, the boys even find time to reflect on the once mighty publisher, Epyx. Stay awhile, staaaay FOREVER!


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